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[edit] Daktronics Pylon Scoreboard Custom Features

Maximum Overdrive Software Company does not offer or recommend Pylon type scoreboards for various reasons. We do however offer an Addon Custom feature so these boards work better with our Moscore-QM software This feature works to operate Daktronics Pylon Scoreboards that were sold by other vendors with either Direct Connect controllers or were controlled thru the Daktronics Allsport controller.

Daktronics Pylon Help

[edit] Daktronics Matrix Display Custom Feature

  • This feature is needed to run real time data to a Daktronics Matrix Display allowing Drivers Names and alphanumeric characters to be displayed on a Daktronics Matrix Display

The Help instructions for the Matrix display are in the Scoreboard section of the Manual

[edit] Expanded Simulated Scoreboard

  • Expands the Simulator to a larger size on the scoring monitor

[edit] Per Feature Transfer Count

  • Allows for changing the numbers of cars to transfer in specific classes lower mains (eg. only Jr Honda Class will transfer 2 cars the rest of the classes will transfer 4 cars). The reason for this is to be able to shorten the race day by cutting down on the number of races generated because fewer cars transfer in larger classes.


  • Go to Mode/Event Setup then select Edit Formats
  • Doubleclick Image:EventFormatClassOptionsIcon.png


  • In the Individual transfers column set the number of cars that you want to transfer for each class.
  • Note: to use the value set in the event format wizard, set the Individual transfers column blank

When the mains grids are generated individual classes will now transfer according to this new table or default settings

[edit] Novice Mains As Heats

  • Allows the novice class to run the main as a heat so no transfers occur with novices

[edit] Invert N

  • This feature allows a pill draw to determine how many cars (n) will be inverted

Invert N Help

[edit] Trophy Dash

  • Allows for setup and scoring of trophy dashes

[edit] Class Transfer Count Override

  • Allows for a defined number of cars to transfer in lower mains

[edit] Custom Alternate Scoresheet

  • We will modify the standard scoresheet printout to your clubs specification

[edit] MSQM Web Server

MSQM Web Server

[edit] Alternate Venue License

  • The Moscore-QM license is presented on the initial install or update of the Moscore-QM program. It specifically states that the Moscore-QM program can only be used at the registered clubs track or Venue. It also states that if the registered club wishes to use Moscore-QM at a venue other than their main venue that an Alternate Venue License must be purchased from Maximum Overdrive Software Company