Daktronics Pylon Help

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To activate the Daktonics Pylon Custom feature go to Tools/Options/Keys

  • Enter the Custom Feature code in the New: box
  • If done correctly the code, feature and the registered clubs initials will appear in the large Features activations codes' box

For Setup


  • Go to Scoreboard/Scoreboard Type and choose either a Pylon Direct or Pylon (AMB Interface)


  • Next go to Comport Options and set the comm port and baud rate

Extra Options - AMB Interface

  • Select Scoreboard/Options/Extra Options
    • Set Send Delay setting then click OK
    • Set Send Count setting then click OK
    • Set Use Auto-clear then click Yes or No
  • NoteYour Daktronics Allsport Controller will have to be configured with the correct options for transponder control(usually 333)see your Allsport Controller manual for setup instructions.
    • Remember to use the New Race on the Allsport to clear the scoreboard

Extra Options - Direct Connection

  • Select Scoreboard/Options/Extra Options
    • Select Yes or No if you have a Lap Counter at the top of your scoreboard.
    • Set Dimming (for enhanced night viewing) On or off

To operate the scoreboard see Scoreboard