DB Monitor

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DB Monitor

  • DB Monitor is an external program that allows the user to control the database indirectly.

DB Monitor Settings Image:MysqlMonitorMenu.png

Database Active/Inactive

  • By clicking on Database Active you can turn on the database.
  • By clicking on Database Inactive, you can turn off the database.

Warning: Moscore-QM will not function without the database running!


  • Displays a panel that tells you about the version of the server that is running.

AdvancedMenuArrow.pngShutdown Moscore QM on all computers on this network

  • Closes Moscore QM on all computers on the network warning: users will not be asked if they want to shut down.

Auto-Start Database Server

  • When checked, the DB monitor program will attempt to start the database server whenever DB monitor itself is started. It will take effect the next time you start DB monitor.

Exit Monitor

  • Exit DB monitor

Note: Doing this will not shutdown the database itself.