Event Formats

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The Event Formats Editor allows the user to change the way events work. All the settings for an event format are presented as a table of options.

  • The easiest way to set up an event is to select the event and click on the Event Format WizardImage:EventFormatWizardIcon.png button


[edit] Creating a New Event Format

  • Create a new event by clicking the Image:NavPlus.png button.
  • Fill in all the information, starting with the Format Name column.
  • Image:NavCheck.png button to saves your changes.
  • Image:NavCancel.png button to cancels your changes.
  • Image:NavTrash.png button will delete the selected Event Format

[edit] Class Options

[edit] Lap Counts


  • The lap counts for each class will be filled in from the Edit Classes page when a new event format is created.
  • The top section shows lap counts for each class in the heat and A Main races.
  • The bottom section allows the user to remove laps from the B C D etc features
  • Click the Image:NavPlus.png button to add a lower feature's lap count
  • Click the Image:NavMinus.png button to remove a lower feature's lap count

[edit] Race Orders


  • The default race order is copied from the class order on the Edit Classes page.
  • Image:ClassOptionsRaceOrderReset.png will reset the order to match the Edit Classes page
  • Select a class and click Image:ClassOptionsRaceOrderSooner.png to move it up in the list
  • Select a class and click Image:ClassOptionsRaceOrderLater.png to move it down in the list

[edit] Automatic Transponder Assignments


The auto transponder assignment option allows you to automatically select from a pool of transponders that can be assigned during registration.

  • Enter the beginning of the name of the group of transponders in the list on the left.
  • Check the box next to the transponder names that are present at the track during this event
  • Use the Image:NavPlus.png button to add a new group, Image:NavMinus.png to remove a group
  • Press Image:NavCheck.png to save changes and Image:NavCancel.png to cancel changes
  • Get Transponder Names (auto) will look for all transponders in the database that contain QMA,QMRA,QMC etc in the name, and add them to the list of groups
  • Alternate Transponder Groups causes the automatic assignment to skip between groups, instead of assigning all transponders from group 1 before moving on to group 2, it will assign from 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 etc.
  • Move Transponder Group Up/Down allows you to change the order of assignments. Groups at the top of the list will be chosen from first