Event Setup

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The Event Setup screen should be the first screen you see when starting Moscore QM



[edit] First Time

  • The first time the program is run the user will automatically be prompted to create a New Event. Enter an event name (like 'Club Race #2') and click OK
  • You can create a new event for each race day by clicking the Image:NewEvent.png button.
  • When a new event is created the date is set to today's date. The start and end dates can be changed by clicking on the Event Dates date pickers.
  • Each event must have an event format and an event location specified. Choose one from the list. If your format or location does not appear, click Save Changes and read Event Formats or Event Locations below

[edit] Edit Transponders

  • If your club is running with transponders, you may wish to enter them in the system now. Click on the Transponders button to do so.

[edit] Event Formats

  • Each event uses an Event Format to determine how it will be run. Click on the Edit Formats button to edit all the formats.

[edit] Event Locations

  • Each event takes place at a location. This will almost always be set to your track.
  • To run Moscore QM at a different location, the club must purchase a special event license by contacting Maximum Overdrive Software or 1-866-667-2648.
  • If your location is not in the list, click on Locations

[edit] Edit Classes

  • From time to time the rules governing classes (Age limits, weights, lap counts) may change.
  • These settings can be edited by clicking on Classes

[edit] Continue to Race Registration

  • Clicking Use This Event will finish with Event Setup and take you to the next section, Race Registration