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Moscore QM supports several scoreboards for output and the AMB Tranx2 protocol for transponder scoring.


[edit] Decoder Setup

To access the decoder options click Tranx from the menu bar. (If you are on the Event Setup page you must click 'Use This Event')

  • There are two ways to connect to the decoder. They can be selected by clicking TranxImage:MenuArrow.pngConnection Type
    • Comport
    • TCP
  • Click TranxImage:MenuArrow.pngOn to activate/deactivate the decoder.
  • If the decoder is connected the light at the bottom of the window next to Tranx-## will turn green, sometimes flashing red or yellow
    • Yellow Flashes show the decoder's Heartbeat and should happen every 5 seconds
    • Red Flashes show cars crossing the loop

[edit] Comport Options

To access Comport Options click TranxImage:MenuArrow.pngComport Options

  • Select the port that the decoder is plugged into.
  • The other settings should not be changed. The default settings are:
    • Baud Rate: 9600
    • Data bits: 8
    • Stop bits: 1
    • Parity: None
    • Flow control: None

[edit] TCP Options

To access the TCP Options click TranxImage:MenuArrow.pngTCP Options

  • If you know the IP Address of the decoder, enter it in the top line, then press Ok
  • If you don't know the IP Address connect the decoder using a Com port as shown above, then open the TCP Options and click Get Decoder IP to retrieve it from the decoder
  • If you want to change the decoder's IP Address enter the new address in the bottom line, and click Change. Make sure you write down the new IP Address in case your network settings change.

[edit] Scoreboard Options

To access the scoreboard options, click Scoreboard from the main menu (If you are on the Event Setup page, you may have to click Use this Event to access the main menu)

  • Make sure that the correct scoreboard has been selected.
    • Click ScoreboardImage:MenuArrow.pngScoreboard Type and click on the scoreboard owned by your track
  • Click ScoreboardImage:MenuArrow.pngComport Options and change the Comport setting to the port that your scoreboard is connected to
    • The Baud rate setting on the Comport Options page may change depending on your model of scoreboard, but should be left at default setting
    • The other options on the Comport Options page should stay at their default settings.
      • Data bits: 8
      • Stop bits: 1
      • Parity: None
      • Flow Control:None
  • There are many options under ScoreboardImage:MenuArrow.pngOptions
    • Extra Options: This selection may appear depending on your model of scoreboard
      • With Daktronics Horizontal selected, this option lets you set the dimming on or off
      • With Matrix Display This option brings up the Matrix Scoreboard Options
      • With Daktronics Pylon (AMB INTERFACE) This option allows the user to change some technical options
    • Show Racing Order: If checked, the scoreboard will display car numbers during a green flag in their Racing Order (The order that they would finish if the race ended now)
    • Show Off Clock: If checked, the scoreboard will display Off Clock and On Clock times during qualifying runs, otherwise it will only display On Clock times
    • Show Simulator: Opens the Scoreboard Simulator which displays the same thing that will be displayed on the scoreboard, but in a window on your computer
    • Lamp Test Now: On some scoreboards, when selected sends a Lamp Test to the scoreboard (Turns on all the lights) for testing.
    • Clock Options: Shows the Time of day clock after the scoreboard has been idle for the selected time. (Matrix scoreboards have the option of running a schedule instead)
      • Clock After 30 Seconds
      • Clock After 1 Minute
      • No Clock