Invert N Help

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[edit] Invert 'N' Help

  • Register cars and create races from Heats or Mains using the standard methods.
    • Note:It may help to print off these grids as a reference for later.
  • Do the pill draw to decide how many cars will be inverted


  • Click Print Forms/Grids/Heats(or Mains)/Invert 'N'

Image:Invert 'N' panel

    • Click on the uparrow/downarrow to set the numbers of cars to invert in Jr and SR classes.
    • Click the Samples dropdown box to select different races to preview
    • Click OK
  • Print the new Grids using standard methods.

Note: if you want to redo the number of cars to invert, you have to use the Print Forms/Grids/Heat Grids(or Mains)/Re-Create Grids first then go back to the Invert 'N' feature