Matrix Scoreboard Options

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The extra options window can be opened by selecting ScoreboardImage:MenuArrow.pngOptionsImage:MenuArrow.pngExtra Options when Matrix Display scoreboard type is selected.


[edit] Pre-Programmed Messages (Schedules)

The Matrix Display scoreboards (HDD/Daktronics) can play animations and pre-set messages. Refer to the software that came with your scoreboard for instructions on creating and installing these messages.

  • Moscore QM can run schedules that have been programmed into Matrix Display scoreboards. To test this functionality use the Start Schedule and Stop Schedule buttons.
  • Selecting the Use Schedule Instead of Clock will start the schedule whenever the clock would normally start.
  • If your scoreboard uses the Daktronics V1500M2 controller, you must choose which schedule to start using the Schedule drop down
  • Display Message allows you to display a single message. You must type in the name of the message or select it from the dropdown list (if available)

[edit] Configuration

  • Select the type of Matrix Display you are using. (HDD or Daktronics)
  • If you are using Daktronics, you must select either V1500 or V1500M2 depending on which controller your scoreboard uses
  • Depending on the Matrix Display you have selected, you can set certain Brightness options
    • Selecting Auto will allow the scoreboard to change it's brightness depending on the light level (when available)
    • Moving the slider here will adjust the brightness on the scoreboard.
  • The Simulated Color and Simulator Background allow users to change the colors the scoreboard uses on the screen in the Scoreboard Simulator
  • When using HDD and Daktronics V1500 scoreboards you must set the Width and Height to match the physical scoreboard
  • Address is the address of the display. This is usually '1'

[edit] Adjusting fonts


When using the HDD Matrix Display you must choose a font and spacing to make sure the numbers will display properly.

  • Click the Font button to choose a font. Recommended fonts are Terminal Regular 6 or Small Fonts Regular 6
  • Click on the left and right arrow buttons below the simulated scoreboard to adjust the character spacing
  • Click on the up and down arrow buttons next to the simulated scoreboard to adjust the line positions
  • You can change the wording of the Lap display by changing the text in the box next to the Font button. The default is Lap %d. Click on the ? button for more details