MSQM Web Server

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  • A custom webserver that allows racers to see qualifying and race results from the Moscore-QM database while in their trailers using a WiFi compatible device.(laptop or Blackberry)
  • Internet connection is not requred.
  • The club needs a wireless router
  • These results are in an HTML format so your webmaster can also use them to post immediately to your clubs website with no setup time

To run the MSQM Web Server you must purchase a custom feature key from Moscore. Enter the key in ToolsImage:MenuArrow.pngOptions under the Keys tab

To start the Web Server click ToolsImage:MenuArrow.pngStart MSQM Web

NOTE: When the web server starts, it will minimize to an icon on the task bar Image:MSQMWeb_icon_taskbar.png. Click on the icon to bring up it's user interface.

In order for users to see the web server you should set the name of your computer (Right click on 'my computer' and click 'properties'. In Vista, click on 'Change settings' under the heading 'Computer Name, Workgroup and Domain Settings'. In windows XP, click on the 'Computer Name' tab.

If your computer name is XQMA, you will tell users to type http://XQMA into their web browsers.


[edit] Publishing

In order to provide a buffer between when a race finishes and when it is published 'to the press', there is now a publishing section in Moscore QM (when the Web Server Feature is activated). Click ToolsImage:MenuArrow.pngPublish to open it or click on the Publish tab in the WebServer.

  • Select a class or race and click Publish For All to publish that class or race
  • Select a class or race and click Unpbulish to remove that class or race from the webserver.
  • Click on the down arrow next to the event name to switch events

[edit] Running the Web Server on another Computer

To prevent slowing down the main scoring computer by too many users accessing the Web Server at once, the MSQM WebServer should be run on a separate PC(networked to the main scoring computer). To run the web server on another computer,

  • click 'Tools/Start Webserver' to open the web server
    • it will put an Icon on the task Bar in the lower right corner of the screen
  • click on the icon in the task bar
    • click FileImage:MenuArrow.png
  • Click Change Hostname and De select Set Database Computer __ This Computer
  • Enter the IP Address or hostname of the database server you want to connect to and click OK.

[edit] Preventing Hibernation

If the web server is running on a laptop, you may want to turn on the Prevent Hibernation feature. This will stop the laptop from going to sleep when it is supposed to keep running the web server.

  • Open the web server and click FileImage:MenuArrow.pngPrevent Hibernation

[edit] Closing the Web Server

When you click on the x(close) button at the top right of the window, the web server won't actually close, it will minimze to the task bar.Image:MSQMWeb_icon_taskbar.png To shut down the web server, click FileImage:MenuArrow.pngExit (or right click on the task bar icon and click Exit)