Print Options Panel

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[edit] Print Options Panel


  • The Print Options panel will display different options for different modes
    • In the Select Classes to Print box you can select the classes that you want to print by:
      • Clicking on the Class
      • or Selecting All at the bottom of the Classes to
    • Deselect by Clicking on None
    • Invert the list by clicking on Invert

Order Records By

  • By changing the Fields in the Order Records By the printout can be viewed differently
    • Highlight one of the fields
    • Drag the field up or down
  • Select Reset Order to bring the order back to default
  • Selecting Reverse will Print that field in DESCending order
  • To Print Classes Separately Click the box
  • To preview with Thumbnails click the box
  • Select Preview to preview
  • Select Print to print without previewing