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Use the Qualifying mode to conduct Time Clock qualifying.


[edit] Generate Qualifying Grid

  • Once Registration is closed go to Tools/Calculate/Qualifying Batches
  • This will setup the Qualifying Grid
    • Note: If a drivers registration information was changed since initial Qualifying Grids were generated, you can press the Get Missing Drivers button on the Qualifying page or go to Tools/Calculate/Qualifying Batches to put the driver back in the Event
  • For a printed copy to post or distribute go to Print Forms/Results /Qualifying see Print Options Panel
    • You can also go to Print Forms/Registration Quick Sheet to Print and Post
  • Now select Mode/Qualifying

[edit] Qualifying Command Legend

  • Qualifying can be run in one of two ways when using transponders, Session or Single


[edit] Session Mode

Session Mode is used when there are a small number of cars on the track in each timed qualifying session. The current session count is 5 minutes when running in Session Mode. It is recommended to have judges and extra tower workers in place to help the session move smoothly.

To use Session Mode:

  • Set timer to the desired length using the Time up/down Image:Updownnav.png buttons. (right mouse click on the button changes time +/- 1 second; middle mouse click changes time +/- 10 seconds; left mouse click changes time '+/- 30 seconds).
  • Press the start/stop Image:Startnav.png button to start the session.
    • Times will then be recorded for all cars as they pass the loop.
  • Press the pause Image:Pausenav.png button to pause the timer in the event of a red flag.
    • Times will stop being recorded on pause
  • Use the start/stop Image:stop.png button to end the session.
    • The session will stop recording after the cars pass the loop if they are on the track.

[edit] Single Mode

Single Mode is used when only one car is on the track at a time.

(Note: in Single Mode, only one car is recorded at a time, despite the appearance of multiple cars on the screen, assuming there is only one car on the track.)

To use Single Mode:

  • Press the Green Flag button when the flag person is about to give the green flag but before the car crosses the line.
  • Press the checkered flag button when the flag person is about to throw the checkered flag.

[edit] Manual Qualifying Time Entry


  • Click on the driver that you wish to time.
    • An Enter Qualifying Time box will appear.
  • Enter the Drivers time in the empty box under the drivers name (the time taken from an official time clock in the tower)
  • Click Add Qualifying Time button or Enter on your keyboard.

(Note: a decimal is only necessary if the time is greater than 9 seconds).

  • Click on the - Previous button to go to previous driver or screen. Click on the Next + button to go to the next driver or screen.

[edit] Both Modes


  • The colored square next to the transponder number is an indication of time lapsed since the transponder was last recorded. (Note: After 10 seconds if the coloured square changes to Image:Passingchange.png in Session Mode, you should check the car as it may indicate a transponder malfunction.
  • On Clock lap times (official times) have black text
  • Off Clock lap times have gray text

Note: Only official times count towards the starting line-up.

  • The top three official times for each car are shown below the drivers name. All times are shown in the lower pane.

[edit] Changing Information "On The Fly"(Qualifying)

  • Right Click on driver's name for a menu:
  • To Change Batch enter a new batch number or use Up Arrow or DownArrow to change. Use Set when done.


  • To Change Transponder pick the transponder # from the dropdown list or type in the name to narrow selection.


  • Insert Passing will simulate what happens when a car crosses the loop . At time will be entered for the driver
  • Clear Passings clears all passings for a driver.
  • Car Status is used to mark a change of results of the Cars Qualifying Session.
    • Normal Qualifying Time will stand
    • No time NT Car did not record time
    • Disqualify (DQ) Car was Disqualified
    • No Show NS Car did not ashow up to Qualify
    • Moved Car moved to another class since registration

Note: These tags are important in order to set up races properly.

[edit] Modifying Times (On/Off the Clock,deleting)


To Change Laptimes (for on/off clock) :

  • Select the lap times in the bottom pane (The lines are numbered from 1 down on the left hand side of screen)
    • For more than one laptime, left click and drag across laptimes.
  • Right Click on your selection
  • Choose one of the following:
    • Set Selected Times On Clock
    • Set Selected Times Off Clock
    • Delete Selected Lap Times

[edit] Printing Qualifying Times

  • To print the qualifying results, select Print Forms from the menu bar at the top of the page, and click on Qualifying Results. See Print Forms for details