Race Registration

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The Race Registration page is used to register members in the software, and register drivers in classes for events.


[edit] New Member

  • To create a new member, click on the Image:RaceRegistrationNewMember.png button
  • To Edit the currently selected member, click on the Image:RaceRegistrationEditMember.png button

Editing a member or creating a new member

  • Use the Image:RaceRegistrationTempNumber.png button to create a temporary number for members that don't have QMA numbers present.
  • Click Image:RaceRegistrationSaveMember.png to save your changes to the member or Image:RaceRegistrationCancelMember.png to cancel your changes
  • Be sure to check off the Is a Driver or Is a Handler checkbox where appropriate.
  • (Optionally) Enter handlers before drivers if you want to keep track of them using the software
  • use the Image:RaceRegistrationCancelClub.png button next to the Club or Handler field to reset that field to blank

[edit] Member Search

Searching for members

Once the members have been entered, finding them is easy

  • Select the First Name', Last Name or Member Number box and start typing part of the name or member number you are looking for. The more letters you type, the narrower the selection will be.
  • Click on the name of the member you are looking for.
  • To the right of the member's name is a space for the number of cars they have registered in the current event and a letter indicating if they are a Driver or Handler
  • Click on the Show dropdown box to filter the list between All, Registered Drivers, Drivers and Handlers

[edit] Registering Cars

Registering Cars

  • Click on Register a Class to add a new class for the current driver or Edit Registration to change a class that has already been registered
  • Fill in the Class column and the columns below
    • Transponder: select the transponder that this car will use during this event, or select Assign Default Transponder to choose one from the Automatic Transponder Assignment pool
    • Qualify #: Enter the Grands Style qualifying number here, or leave it blank to allow Moscore QM to generate the number based on the settings on the Edit Classes page
    • Q Status: Choose one of
      • Blank: no qualifying status
      • NT: Force this car to have No Time
      • DQ: This car was disqualified during qualifying
      • NS: This car was a No Show for qualifying
      • Moved: This car has moved into a different class
    • Rand Draw #: Enter the random draw number from a manually drawn pill, or leave blank to allow Moscore QM to draw a number automatically (If the qualifying mode is Random Draw) or click on Random Draw to generate a random number
    • To Back: Select Yes to force this car to the back of all lineups during this event. (Eg, for novice move-ups etc)
    • Car #: Enter the car's painted car number
    • Car Color: Enter the car's color
  • The New Transponder button allows you to enter a transponder without switching back to Edit Transponders
  • Click Save Registration to save your changes
  • Click Unregister Class to remove this registration from the current event
  • Print Numbers will print the qualifying numbers for the current driver
  • Quick Edit Registered Cars allows the user to edit all the registered cars in one big table

[edit] Continuing to Qualifying

To continue to qualifying, click on the ModeImage:MenuArrow.pngQualifying menu item in the main menu or, if there is no qualifying for this event, skip ahead to Race Scoring using the Mode Menu