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[edit] Scoreboard On/Off

  • Click on the Scoreboard tab at on the top Main Menu
  • Click ON to turn the scoreboard on. A check mark will appear indicating it is on.
  • The Scoreboard indicator light at the bottom of the page should turn Green on most scoreboards when it is turned on.

[edit] Scoreboard ComPort Options

  • Select ComPort Options


  • Set the appropriate Com Port and Baud rate(Speed) from the Setup sub menu's pulldown boxes.

Note: if your scoreboard requires additional communication settings , Be careful with changing these settings. Please document the default settings before changing them.

[edit] Scoreboard Type

Setting Up Scoreboard Type

  • Click on Scoreboard Type to configure the type of your scoreboard
  • Select the scoreboard model you have from the submenu.
  • Adding different models can change the option selections


[edit] Scoreboard Options

To toggle various scoreboard options on or off click Scoreboard then Options

  • Click Extra Options to set Matrix Display scoreboard features (See Extra Options in this manual)
  • Click Show Racing Order to have the scoreboard show race order under green flag conditions.
  • Click Show Off Clock Times to show all lap times, Uncheck when you want to display only lap times on the clock.
  • Click Show Simulator Image:HScoreboardsimulator.png To see a simulated view of what is posted on your scoreboard. Drag the corners of the simulator box that appears to size it to your liking. Also place your curser on the top bar of the simulator to place it were you want on the page.
  • Click Lamptest Now to test all scoreboard lamps for proper functioning. This function will show a row of eights on the scoreboard to check for malfunctions.
  • Click Clock After 30 seconds or Clock after 1 minute. To have the scoreboard show the Time of Day after a period of idleness (for example between races). For no clock at all, select No clock.

[edit] Extra Options

Matrix Display Extra Options

To set up the Extra Options for Matrix Display boards Click Scoreboard , then Click Options, then Click Extra Options. This window will appear: Image:MDscoreboardextraoptions.png


  • To set the width and height simply fill in the corresponding box.(They should be set to the width and height of your scoreboard in pixels)
  • To set the brightness of the scoreboard, move the slider Image:Navslider.png up and down.(The top is the brightest)
  • The top line of the display displays the number of laps. The laps box Image:Setupfont.png allows you to edit how the laps are displayed.
  • To edit how the laps are displayed type in the new format into the laps box. The %s is the actual lap number. eg. laps left %s will display "laps left 28"
  • To change the font press the Font button. This will open a typical font window. Select the font style you want and press ok.
  • If you have multiple scoreboards you can select which score board you want to send the data to. To do this enter the address into the address box Image:Addressbox.png of the scoreboard you want to display this information. Consult your scoreboard manufacturer for the correct address value. Common values are 0 or 1

Spacing and Positioning (HDD Matrix display only)


  • To increase the spacing between each character press the Right Arrow button.
  • To decrease the spacing between each character press the Left Arrow button.
  • The left set of buttons is for the top line, and the right set of buttons is for the bottom line.
  • To move the position of a line up press the UP Arrow button. Image:Navupdownarrow.png
  • To move the position of a line down press the Down Arrow button.
  • The top set of buttons is for the top line and the bottom set of buttons is for the bottom line.

When you are done press the Ok button to commit these changes, or the Cancel button to abort them.

Pre-programmed Messaging(Schedules)


The Matrix Display scoreboards can play animations and pre-set messages. This help file does not explain how to load or set up these messages. See the documentation from your scoreboard manufacturers software program documentation that came with your scoreboard. Or call your scoreboard manufacturers support number for more information. Moscore-QM does not perform these functions.

  • To start playing these pre-set messages press the Start Schedule button.
  • To stop playing these pre-set messages press the Stop Schedule button.

Display Message

  • To use the schedule instead of the auto-clock after a set amount of time, select Use Schedule button.
  • To display a message, first type in the message in the display message box,

next press the Display Message button.

Change Simulator Color


  • To change the colors displayed by the simulator, click on the Simulator Color button or the Background Color button

  • When you are done press the Ok button to commit these changes, or the Cancel button to abort them.

Daktronics Horizontal Scoreboard Extra Options

  • The only setting for Extra options is to set the dimming on or off


[edit] Controlling the Scoreboard Manually


  • If you are in either Qualifying or Racing Mode, you can control the scoreboard manually by entering the lineup order into the scoreboard textbox. To Post, hit the Checkmark Icon to post the lineup to the scoreboard.
    • To Clear Click on the Eraser Icon
    • To change laps up or down Click on the up or down arrow under the Lap box.
    • To change settings Click Setup ( you may wish to turn racing order off in a race,or turn clock off )
  • If you have a Matrix Display there is a Show Drivers button which will turn on/off a display of the drivers in the heat/main taking place