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[edit] Edit Lineup/Results/Points

This tool allows you to manually edit starting lineups and the finishing order for any race within an event. Image:Editlineupandresults.png

[edit] Edit Race Order List

  • The top window in the Edit Lineup/Results page will only show a list of the races that are generated after the Grids are calculated from the Print Forms menu.

They will show Racename,Class, Race Number, Main Letter, Car Count and Driver Count information.

  • There may be times when at the last minute you want to change the order in which the classes race. You can edit the Class,Race Number, or Main Letter field to reflect the new order that you want.

[edit] Edit Lineup

  • To edit a Starting Lineup, first select a Racename from the Lineup and Results window
  • The Driver names and Start position for that Race will be shown in the Starting Lineup panel at the bottom of the page.
  • To edit a Driver, select the dropdown arrow to the right of the Driver you wish to change. A list of all the Drivers registered in that class for that raceday will be shown in a list. Select the Driver name that you want to place in that start position. Click on Image:NavCheck.png to save the new Lineup

Add A Driver

  • To add a Driver in a new Start position select the Image:NavPlus.png icon. A new box will appear at the bottom of the Starting Lineup list. Select the down arrow to the right of the blank Driver box. Select a new Driver from the list of Drivers in the dropdown box. Click on Image:NavCheck.png to save the new Lineup
  • To add Transfer Drivers from a Lower Main or Feature into a higher Main lineup, first select the Racename that the drivers will be transferring to. Select the Get Transfers button.

You will see that the drivers that transferred from the B main will be placed in the A main transfer spots. The new lineup will automatically be saved.

  • When you are satisfied with the lineups as edited you can print the Grid sheets and Scoresheets from the Print Forms menu

[edit] Edit Results

  • Confer with any manual scoring results to be sure that the result from this race is correct.
  • Check to see there were no DQ's
  • Be Sure that you are editing the proper race
    • Remember! Other races may be based off the results of this race.
      • Also, it will save time to make any changes to the results as you go.

To post a Result or Edit a Result :

  • Highlight the Results Box
  • Enter the finish result


  • Right Click on the Finish Type dropdown box and choose a non finish description beside the cars that require a status

Click the post button Image:Navredcheck.png

[edit] Races Without Transponders


  • if you are Not using transponders the results of each race can be entered in the Results box
  • Click on the Image:Navredcheck.png to save the results.

[edit] Races With Transponders


  • If you are using transponders the results of each race will be displayed in the Results box after

Image:Navnextrace.png is selected or the Image:Saveracefinish.pngsave button on the Race Scoring page is clicked.

  • To edit the results Simply overwrite the car numbers that appear in the box.
  • Click on the Image:Navredcheck.png to save the results.

Edit Finish Type

  • When the Image:Navredcheck.png is selected the Car Number and Finish position will be displayed in the vertical boxes below the Results box.
  • Select the Finish Type box beside the Car# that you wish to edit. Select a Finish Type from the dropdown menu that appears and then click Image:Navredcheck.png to save.

[edit] Points

[edit] Archive/Repair

  • The Archive/Repair should be used to improve the efficiency of the Moscore-QM database when it gets too large. It usually should be done at the end of a racing season.


[edit] Archive

Archive Old Events

  • Click on Archive Old Events and a calender will appear. Choose a date in the calender that you want to Delete or Archive All Events up to, then click OK. Next choose whether to Archive or Remove Permanently events that have been run to that date.

Unarchive Old Events

  • Click on Unarchive Old Events and a list of all previously archived races will show.
  • Click on the race you want to Unarchive. The database tool will change the state of that race.
  • When you return to Event Setup panel you will see that race in the Choose Event dropdown box.

[edit] Repair

Repair All Tables

  • Attempts to repair all the database tables, and reports the status of each table when its done. It also saves the results to a log file.
  • You can limit the results to a specific day and/or table by changing the various search criteria and clicking the Show button

View Repair History

  • Displays a list of all the database tables, attempts made to repair them and their status after each attempt.
  • You can limit the results to a specific day and/or table by changing the various search criteria and clicking the Show button

[edit] Backup/Export

Backup/Export menu is used to backup the Moscore-QM database to send to Maximum Overdrive Software Company for analysis or posting results on the website or to store as a club backup.

[edit] Restore from Backup file

  • Click on Restore From Backup File

Select a previously backed up database to restore from. Warning: This will overwrite your current database settings. A backup of your current database before proceeding is highly recommended!

[edit] Backup Database

Backup Database is used to make a backup to archive a database or to send a copy to Maximum Overdrive Software Company for debugging purposes. Select a location and a filename to call the backup. Note: This is highly recommend to do after each event.

[edit] Export For

Export For will create an Event Results file that you can Upload to the Results page at Your club members can then view their laptimes at specific events.

  • In Moscore-QM under Tools, click on Export For
  • A list of races will show, choose one event or holding the shift key and selecting several events will save a batch of races to send. Click OK
  • Find or create a directory where you wish to save them. Enter a filename then click Save.
  • there will be a message Image:Doneexportingfile.png after save is complete
  • If you have an internet connection at the track you can Upload the results to the website or save it to a memory stick and do it when you have internet access
    • Go to and find the Results menu
    • Click on Upload Results



  • Click Browse and find the .mobz2 file you saved
    • Enter the Club Key assigned to your club and click Upload
    • A message will tell you when the file is uploaded
  • On the Results page, find your clubs listings for the current year, then find the Event that you just saved and view the results.
  • If there are errors with the upload, email a copy of the file to with detailed information on what appears to be wrong.

[edit] Create Grands Results Spreadsheet

The Grands Results Spreadsheet is an MS Excel file that is generated using this tool. The file will create a spread sheet for each class and highlights records of the drivers progress through a race, including dns,dnf's Note:Your computer must have Microsoft Excel installed on it before you can use this feature.

  • Click on Create Grands Results Spreadsheet
  • select the classes you wish to export in the Print Options panel then click on Export
    • A message will appear telling you not to switch windows while exporting. Click OK
  • A MS Excel window will open and populate with race results as requested.


[edit] Excel Import/Export Points


  • This feature is useful when running a points series.

New Points Series

  • Click New Points Series to create a Points Series Name.
  • Enter a name for the series. Click OK
  • Select the race you wish to save in the Event dropdown box
  • To create the spreadsheet file the first time clickNew File in the Export Results for Points panel

Export Results for Points Image:Exportresultsforpoints.png

  • An Excel file will be opened under the 'New File' name
  • Edit the Excel file with the points as your clubs Race Format designates.

Note:It might help if you can create formulas to fill in the cells automatically.

  • Save the Excel file under the same name.

Import Points Standings

[edit] Calculate

[edit] Qualifying Batches

  • This item is necessary to create batch group Pages for the Qualifying Mode, based on the order the drivers were entered

[edit] (Re)Randomize Pilldraw

  • Re-Assigns a random draw number to each car.

Note: You may need to refresh to see the new draw number.

[edit] Fix Member Names (Capitals)

  • Fixes any Members Names that were created without Capitals for the first letter of the name.

[edit] Show Debug Form

This displays a Message Window that is used for debugging purposes and is not useful or necessary for daily operation.

[edit] Options

Moscore-QM options has menu items that help to fine tune the general settings of Moscore-qm

[edit] Mains


  • Lap Time Display Precision will set the number of decimal places that will display on screen or scoreboard.

Note: Some transponder decoders will only output a precision of 3 decimal places so the last digit will always be a zero(eg 7.1220)

Race Clock uses 24hrs

  • When a race starts the race log creates a time stamp. To set the time stamp to a 24hr clock click on the check box.

Start race clock when warmup ends

  • To have the time clock to always start when the warm up clock ends click the check box.

Countdown appears on scoreboard(qualifying) at:

  • Enter a time in minutes and seconds or use the slider bar to preset a time when the countdown time clock will appear on a scoreboard when using Batch Qualifying.

Minimum Transponder Passing Values

  • If presets aren't established, a transponder with a strong signal could be picked up by the Coax cable where it crosses the track on the back straight. Also a car that is in an incident and stops on the Finish Line loop could keep recording in the scoring program.

Set presets as follows:

Min Trans. Strength Value: 25 is a good setting
Min Trans. Hits Value: 5 is a good setting
Min Lap Time: At least a half second below the track record of your fastest class
  • If you notice that certain cars are not being scored throughout a particular race, you can look up the drivers lap times in Print Forms/Results/Race Lap Times and it will tell you if these preset values are not correct (also check the drivers transponder to see if it is charged properly.

[edit] Keys

Keys is where you enter your Club Key to change the software from Demo Version to Registered Software

  • When the Club Key entered matches the Club Initials entered, the status lights change from yellow or red to green and the word Approved appears. Also at the bottom of the panel Registered To: should show the name of the club that the software is registered to.


Feature Activation Codes

Custom Features are available such as Invert N or Transfer Count Override. These features can be purchased to enhance the Moscore-QM software's abilities. Note:To see more of the available Custom Features, go to the and look at the ADD On Features menu

  • Enter the Custom Feature Code in the New: dropdown box. If entered correctly it will show in the Feature Activation Codes panel with a description of what the feature does .
  • To remove a Custom Feature Code, highlight the feature and click Remove Selected.

[edit] Network

Networking Moscore-QM


  • From the main menu, click on Tools -> Options
  • Select the Network tab
  • The main computer that you want to run the Moscore-QM server should be set to Localhost
  • To set other computers to connect to the main computer database, 'uncheck Set Database Computer This Computer checkbox.
  • Click 'Refresh' and Moscore-QM will search the network for databases and add them to the dropdown list.
  • Select the Computer running the Moscore-QM server.
  • Click the 'Set' button to apply the selection.

[edit] Printing

  • Settings for page sizes and text colors can be set in this tab.
  • The earlier version of Moscore-QM used to provide a printed version of race registration.
  • This form could have a user provided legal disclaimer that the handler of the driver had to sign.
  • This feature was disabled for lack of interested at the time.

[edit] Beeps

Sound Options

  • Selecting Tools -> Options will open this tab.
  • Select either the Qualifying or Race Scoring tab.

Setting Sounds

  • Beep alarms are only played through the computers internal sound system, it will not be broadcast through the sound card. Note this program will not play multiple sounds set for the same time. eg. if a .wav file and a beep are both set at 1 min, only one will play.
  • To set an alarm for the warm-up timer you must select a time using the time slider.
  • To set how many times it will repeat use the repeat slider located to the left of the time slider
  • To set the length of the beep use the length slider located below the repeat slider
  • To set the interval between the beeps use the interval slider below the length slider
  • To set the frequency of the beep use the frequency slider below the interval slider.
  • Pres the Test button to test a sound.
  • To use this beep, you must press the add button , the beep will then be added to the list of beeps located to the right of the time slider.
  • To remove a beep, select it from the beep list then press the Remove button.
  • Sounds can be loaded from a file using the Load Sound button.
  • A new sound can be recorded by selecting Record then using the Windows Sound Recorder

[edit] Export To Excel

[edit] Input


  • Hot keys can be customized for different functions in the Moscore-Qm program

[edit] Debug

The Debug tab is for Maintenance and testing of moscore-QM by Moscore-QM staff