Trouble Shooting

From MoscoreHelp

Q: I’m trying to find a name in the database that I’m SURE is in there, but I can’t find it! What might be wrong?

A: It is possible that the name is in the database, but was entered incorrectly. Here are a couple of options to try:

Try different spellings of the name i.e. Last name Miller could have been entered as Millar, Millr, and Millre by mistake! Try entering the FIRST NAME into the LAST NAME field. The name may have been entered in the database in the wrong order. Check to see if a filter is set that would hide the name. Set the 'Show' dropdown to 'all' and try again.

Q: During registration of a new driver, I discovered that the handler information was not entered into the database. How do I enter the handler’s information so that I can complete the new driver’s information?

A: It is very important to remember that a handler’s information should be entered before the driver’s information at all times. If done in this order, it avoids the problem as described above. However, this problem can be solved with just one extra step.

  • Continue to input all of the driver’s relevant information. Click on ‘Just Apply’ to save the information.
  • Register the handler following the ‘Handler Registration’ guide in this manual.
  • Use the ‘Driver/Handler’ search to locate the driver’s previous information, and just add the handler’s name from the dropdown box in the ‘Driver Information’ panel.
  • Click on ‘Just Apply’ to save the information.